Free program for browsing Bible translations

quickly access many Bible translations in different languages
easily check the same verse in different translations
browse multiple translations at the same time
change the default font color and size
simply download and remove translations within the program
copy verses to the clipboard
create complex bookmarks for chosen places in the translations
access a dictionary of Biblical terms
automatic program updates
work only with the translations you are interested in
small size and low hardware requirements
support for different language versions (Polish, English and Russian by default)
available for free :-)

The most recent versions of the program is:
Download size: 1,99 MB

Download the program

If you're using/running Windows XP/Vista, you can download the legacy version 2.5.2, which requires .NET 3.5.

Download the program

Now you can also enjoy basic functionality of the program in your web browser.

Show on-line version

Hardware requirements

Any computer with a Windows operating system (XP till 11) and the .NET Framework 3.5/4 environment (available by default since Windows 7 – in case of an older system you need to install it from the developer's website). To download new translations you need an Internet connection. Installing and running the program does not require administrator rights.

Support and program development

If you've found an error in the program or have an idea for improvement, write to me. You can do it through the contact form. I support and develop this program using my own means, because I'm eager to learn the word of God – just like you :-) If you can make a small donation for the maintenance of the program or for one of the causes I collect for, I'll be very grateful.

Help me translate this website and other language resources for the program