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This website lets you download the newest version of the rBiblia application in which you can comfortably browse through Bible translations. The program has very low requirements and is available for free on machines with Windows. The major advantages of the program are:
  • quick access to many Bible translations in different languages,
  • search through verses using any number of phrases,
  • easy lookup of the same verse in different translations,
  • browsing multiple translations at the same time,
  • ability to change default colours and font size,
  • simple download and removal of translations from the program,
  • copying a verse to clipboard,
  • creation of complex bookmarks for chosen places in the translation,
  • access to a dictionary of Biblical terms,
  • automatic program updates,
  • work only with the translations that you are interested in,
  • small size and low hardware requirements,
  • support for different language versions (Polish, English and Russian by default),
  • available for free :-)

What about the legal status of the translations used in the program?

This is not an easy question, because on the one hand we are talking about "God's word" which we should preach to the whole world. On the other hand, gathering a group of experienced translators and the time devoted to preparing a high quality text is costly, and as the Bible says: "The labourer is worthy of his reward" [1 Timothy 5:18]. For this reason I have decided to divide the translations into authorised ones (available legally based on the author's assent or due to expiration of copyright), and unauthorised ones, which have not been verified by their publisher. During the work on the program I will attempt to obtain the assent to fully authorised use of these texts. Until that time I have decided to shift the moral question to the users, who can decide for themselves if they want to install these translations on their computer (no translations are automatically bundled with the program).

The repository currently contains 139 translations (see the full list).

Masz więcej pytań?

Aby odpowiedzieć na najczęściej pojawiające się pytania utworzyłem FAQ, które pomoże rozwiać wątpliwości.

Current version

The most recent versions of the program is:
Download size: 0,98 MB
Download the program


Here I have prepared some screenshots which present the program on a computer running Windows 10:
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Hardware requirements

Any computer with Windows operating system (XP till 10) and the .NET Framework 3.5/4 environment (available by default since Windows 7 - in case of an older system you need to install it from the producer's website). To download new translations you need an internet connection. Installing and running the program does not require administrator rights.

Support and development of the program

If you've found a mistake in the program or have an idea for an improvement, write to me. You can do it through the contact form.

I support and develop this program using my own means, because I'm eager to learn the word of God - just like you :-)

Support the development of the program If you can make a small donation for the maintenance of the program or for one of the causes I collect for, I'll be very grateful.

Help me translate this website and other language resources for the program